Spartan Solutions offers Customers comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the purchase and delivery of tactical vehicles, training, and life cycle support and maintenance services.

Vehicle Familiarization Training

This training introduces drivers to newly purchased tactical vehicles, familiarizing them with the vehicles equipment, capabilities, and handling so they can navigate safely and with confidence. On completion of the course the driver will have gained familiarity with the newly acquired vehicle, and have driven on various terrain while being supervised by an expert.

Course Summary

A working knowledge of the newly acquired vehicle and its features An understanding of the vehicles characteristics and limitations Knowledge of the fuel type and auxiliary equipment The location use of emergency equipment, spare wheel, jack, and winches

Life Cycle Support

Spartan Solutions provides a cost effective Life Cycle Support Packages designed to meet the needs of our Customer's programs, which provides an increased maintenance capability through special tool support, access to spare parts, technical assistance, and contract services.