Cyber Services - Advantages

Cyber Counter Intelligence and Information Services (CCIIS) Advantage

CCIIS presents a new advantage that augments current intrusion detection technology, focused primarily inside firewalls and on protecting and discovering issues associated with the client’s networks and systems.  Breach detection and identification is generally limited to logging, reporting, and isolating or reconfiguring from a known malware, system or network in a controlled environment.


  • Early warning cyber detection.
  • Ability to accurately identify active and passive compromises being exploited by adversaries.
  • Ability to detect compromises while the bad actors are in the reconnaissance phase:
    • As they profile or infect the client via social media.
    • By intercepting bad actor’s communicating “chatter” about the client.
  • “Actionable intelligence” allows:
    • Development of evidentiary support.
    • Employment of legal active cyber defensive measures.

CCIIS provides a timely window of opportunity to identify and respond rapidly.  Speed of accurate early detection provides the greatest safeguards for focusing internal resources on the right issues at the most optimized moments.