Cyber Services - Approach

Cyber Counter Intelligence and Information Services (CCIIS) Approach

ICCS’s approach seeks to reduce the uncertainty surrounding cyber actions, capacities, or actors' aims.

For each client tasking, Spartan hand selects teams capable of deploying collection platforms, or cyber experts who have founded the best non-traditional ways of acquiring, interpreting and delivering the required cyber assessment/report.

  • CCIIS is modeled on methodology used by the US Government and highest industry standards.
  • CCIIS can be adapted to either government, commercial or international interests while considering cultural influence.
  • CCIIS allows the lawful and discreet collection of information without regard to borders or industrial constraints.
  • CCIIS provides a broader view of cyber intelligence gathering that is continually missing in evolving cyber strategies.
  • Spartan’s Team lives in the “Threat Space” and requires zero ramp-up time for Client engagement.
  • Spartan’s Team operates with exclusive contracts that allow us to monitor and collect threat information directly from attackers operating in the dark-net and outside of a client's firewalls.  
  • Spartan’s Team focus is on solutions rather than defensive operations and compliance.  
  • Spartan Team’s global experience transcends government, private and international organizations.