National Identification System

Sovereign National Identification System

The Sovereign National Identification System will assist in identifying, validating, and documenting all citizens within a country. This is accomplished through business processes that standardize the collection of personal data, demographics, and biometrics for the purpose of authenticating each individual's national identity. At the end of the registration service the personal data, demographics, and biometrics collected are encrypted and stored in a secure national identity database. The registrant is immediately issued a live national identification card with a picture and a secure chip containing their personal data, demographics, and biometrics, as appropriate.

Figure (4): National ID Card “Example”

The process employed to capture and manage the personal, demographic and biometric data assists governments of in:

  • Accurately tracking all citizens.
  • Documenting demographics (i.e., Size, structure, distribution of the population, and changes in response to birth, migration, ageing, and death).
  • Providing demographic information that the International Development sector can use to more accurately plan and deliver their Agriculture, Educational, Healthcare, and "Water and Sanitation Health" (WASH) interventions.
  • Accounting for all members of the work force (i.e., Government, commercial and private employees).
  • Tracking tariffs and taxes.
  • Balancing the budget, optimizing resources, and reducing the potential for fraudulent or other illicit activity.
  • Allowing citizens to register for Digital Financial Services.